Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Iraqi Affairs

The big question in Iraq is "what will happen after we win"? The talk of "democratization" is simply silly; we don't have the resources, will power, or national attention span. Most probable, of course, is that we'll just install a toady at the top and leave, keeping the Ba'athist power structure. Iraq will then promptly collapse into chaos and the Islamists will take over. Nobody in the US will care, as long as the oil keeps flowing.

But what if we did stay around? What if, as some have claimed, Iraq is going to become the "51st state?". Well, we have a couple hundred years of experience dealing with "indigeneous peoples"; we'd probably do the same with the Iraqis.

Here, then, is the proposal for the Bureau of Iraqi Affairs (BIA) , patterned on the other BIA.

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