Friday, August 01, 2003

Telemarketing, Again

One of the raspberries that's been directed at the Republicans is that they have outsourced some of their telephone fundraising to India.

Republican spokesman Kevin Sheridan issued a carefully worded denial:

Any report that the Republican National Committee has hired HCL eServe -- the firm mentioned in the original Business Standard article -- is a case of bad reporting, bad business practices or both. The RNC has no affiliation with HCL. Any inference to the contrary is flat out wrong. The RNC has informed both HCL and of the inaccuracy of this report.

Fascinating. This disclaimer is as narrow as it is possible to be. It also contains a gratuitous slap at the folks reporting this -- IMHO, uncalled for.

Look at what he didn't say:

  • He didn't say that the RNC hadn't hired other Indian telemarketers
  • He didn't say that RNC consultants, or firms working with the RNC, hadn't hired HCN or other Indian telemarketers
  • He didn't say that the RNC had never hired HCN.
  • He didn't say that the RNC had notified the Business Standard (original souirce of the report) that their report was incorrect.

Hmm. Looks to me like he missed a chance to do a bit of pro-America rahrah. If they're using only American telemarketers, why not brag about it? If they aren't using Indians, of course.

Yah, I know this is kind of old news. I just found the pointers, OK? Anyway, it goes with the previous item.

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