Saturday, June 14, 2003


One of the joys of SiteMeter (the little icon at the bottom of the page) is that it lists "referrers" -- the page that a reader was on when he or she (or it; there are robots out there, too, you know) was on before coming here. In particular, if somebody comes to this site from a search engine, the referrer will contain the search terms that were used to find the page.

Some of them can get pretty bizarre. The Preacher, as usual, has the champion

I just got a contender. "pocket sized witch detectors", from MSN. The hit was on this page. I have a strong feeling that this was not what the person putting in the query was looking for. But what were they looking for? Hint -- learn to use quote marks in your queries. Otherwise, you won't get phrases. Blogs can be especially nasty, as pages tend to cover many posts with widely different subjects.

Nostalgia! My first blog posts!

Some others:

  • oops flashes
  • lightningbug movie
  • small flashes (in Finnish??)
  • funny flashes
  • very scary flashes
  • hesoid blog
No end of fun. I had to extract these by hand; supposedly, the pay version of Site Meter extracts them for you. Almost worth it.

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