Friday, March 21, 2003

Signs of Civilization

Lieutenant Colonel Tim Collins, 1st Battalion, Royal Irish, 19 March, 2003, Fort Blair Mayne desert camp:

We go to liberate not to conquer. We will not fly our flags in their country

We are entering Iraq to free a people and the only flag which will be flown in that ancient land is their own. Show respect for them.


Iraq is steeped in history. It is the site of the Garden of Eden, of the Great Flood and the birthplace of Abraham. Tread lightly there.

You will see things that no man could pay to see and you will have to go a long way to find a more decent, generous and upright people than the Iraqis.

You will be embarrassed by their hospitality even though they have nothing.

Don't treat them as refugees for they are in their own country. Their children will be poor, in years to come they will know that the light of liberation in their lives was brought by you.

If there are casualties of war then remember that when they woke up and got dressed in the morning they did not plan to die this day.

Allow them dignity in death. Bury them properly and mark their graves.


I know of men who have taken life needlessly in other conflicts, I can assure you they live with the mark of Cain upon them.


As for ourselves, let's bring everyone home and leave Iraq a better place for us having been there. Our business now is north.

Compare this with the bloodthirsty gang of nincompoops at Fox or Dan Rather babbling like Howard Stern on a bad day.

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