Friday, February 28, 2003

Another One that Missed the Wires

From the American Library Association:

Santa Fe Police Detain Library Patron over Chat-Room Visit

A St. John’s College Library visit by a former public defender was abruptly interrupted February 13 when city police officers arrested him about 9 p.m. at the computer terminal he was using, handcuffed him, and brought him to the Santa Fe, New Mexico, police station for questioning by Secret Service agents from Albuquerque.
The agents accused him of making threatening remarks about President George W. Bush in an Internet chat room

Naturally, he denies saying anything actionable. Makes you think a bit about the right wing nuts who are screaming "treason" at everybody who disagrees with Georgie Bush.

It also makes you think about "news". This isn't "news". Why? Because he didn't get killed? Because grabbing somebody and dragging them off to a police station is too common? Because there might have some kind of gag order under the PATRIOT act?

Look, the Secret Service is doing this only for the purpose of intimidation. If they'd had any trace of an indication that he might actually do something, they'd watch him like a hawk to get some real evidence. They didn't. Therefore nothing.

When the PATRIOT act went into effect, Bush and Ashcfoft assured us that it would only be used against Bad Guys. People (Congresscritters especially) forgot that the "crime" that despots most want to prevent is dissent.

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