Sunday, January 12, 2003

North Korea. What's the Fuss?

So North Korea supposedly has a couple of nukes and wants to make more. So?

For nearly twenty years now, we've been pouring money into the Strategic Defense Initiative. First priority has always been a Mad Dictator With Two Nukes. Well, now we have one. After all this effort, we should be able to stop anything that NK can throw, right?

What's that you say? It's not "ready for deployment"?

Reminds me all too much of the Nigerian scams going around the Net. "We'll give you US$20M for helping us get our money out of Nigeria. We just have to pay some small expenses first ...."

Personally, I think "strategic defense" is a terrific idea. Unfortunately, the current incarnation is simply welfare for defense contractors. Nothing is going to get done; that would involve far too many business, military, and government bigwigs admitting that they lied. Or even worse, were wrong.

For a lot of good info on the North Korean mess and how we got into it, see Talking Points Memo.

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